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音楽界が2020年に入って以降、“Gli Accademia”は、才能豊かなミュージシャングループとして、音楽制作の概念を新たな段階へと高め、多角的にファンの心を掴むことができるよう模索してきました。
“Gli Accademia”は、それぞれの故郷のコミュニティ、カルチャー、そしてサウンド的な影響を吸収してきました。実際に、我々のミュージシャンとしての目覚ましい成長は、これらの重要な影響力無くしては成し得なかったでしょう。


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Since entering the world of music in 2020, “Gli Accademia” are a group of talented musicians that have elevated the concept of making music to new levels, managing to conquer the hearts of fans everywhere.
“Gli Accademia” often claim to have absorbed the influence of the community, culture, and sound of their hometowns. In fact, their rapid rise as musicians would not have happened without these important influences.
The characteristic style made their music immediately recognizable, as well as extremely popular. Their greatest desire is to create music capable of communicating important emotions and messages to as many fans as possible.
Look at the site to find out more about these Musicians who challenges conventional definitions of musical genres.

Moreno Bussoletti

Paul Florea

Chiara Izzi

Fabio Lepore

Ashton Moore(Singer)

Brent Nussey

Jonathan Katz

Dennis Frehse 2

Dennis Frehse

David Negrete

Bruno Gil

Sohei Birmann.JPG

Sohei Birmann

Jesse Forest.jpg

Jesse Forrest

Ken Ota.JPG

Ken Ota

Mike Zachernuk

Tony Spruill

Diego Viola.jpg

Diego Piccioni

Dave Moss.jpg

Dave Moss

Shu Flute .jpeg

Shu Ishikawa

Maya Hatch 2.JPG

Maya Hatch

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